The Best Natural Deodorants of 2022

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Healthy Lifestyle

There are a lot of natural deodorants on the market, but not all of them work well. We’ve tested dozens of brands to find the best natural deodorants that work to keep you smelling fresh all day long.

These are the best natural deodorants we’ve found:

Kopari Beauty Natural Coconut Deodorant

Coconut oil is the star of this show. It is naturally antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and helps keep pits odor free. The formula doesn’t leave white residue or marks on your skin.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

This deodorant has been Ecocert certified organic, cruelty-free, and vegan and provides long-lasting odor protection. Every Shmidt deodorant is also 100% plant-based and unisex.

It contains magnesium, shea butter, and arrowroot powder. It’s also formulated with vitamin E and jojoba oil to soothe your skin after application. For sensitive skin, there are baking soda-free options.

Evolve Together

Tapioca starch is used to absorb sweat, and this helps to keep you dry. DeoPlex is a plant-based enzyme made from sugarcane that neutralizes odors of all sizes. Take 3 for the Sea to get 5% off your purchase, which helps keep the oceans clean.

Helmm Natural Deodorant

Helmm’s best feature is the ability to change your scents without using more plastic. You can start with a starter pack, typically around $30. The heritage starter kit ($65) is a more luxurious option, and it comes with a leather-wrapped metal case that will last for years. Every kit includes a container you can fill with a new deodorant stick if it runs out.

Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant

This AHA-packed formula is the perfect solution for anyone with trouble with spots, bumps, or acne under their arms. AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliate your skin and help with dullness and discoloration.

Many of the ingredients in this Kosas Chemistry formulation, such as mandelic acid and retinol, can also be found in your favorite skincare products. This tube also contains shikimic acid, which will keep you odor-free, and it’s also aluminum-free.

Each & Every Natural Deodorant

Attention sensitive skin patients: This deodorant is free of aluminum, gluten, and paraben. You may be wondering what’s in it. Tapioca starch is used to absorb moisture and magnesium to reduce odor.

Plus, essential oil blends for unique fragrance options, like cedar & vanilla or citrus & vetiver. You can also choose a fragrance-free option. It’s made from sugarcane, which is biodegradable.

Papr All-Natural Deodorant

Bright Shiny Morning’s perfume from Papr notes of pink grapefruit essential oils. It will make you feel awake. The eight ingredients in Papr deodorants are crucial. Each one serves a purpose, helping keep you dry and odor free. The packaging is made of paper and biodegradable.


Choosing the best natural deodorant for you is a personal decision. Consider what’s important to you: long-lasting odor protection, eco-friendly packaging, or skincare benefits.

Whatever you decide, we hope our list has helped you find the perfect natural deodorant for your needs.