Renting a car in a foreign country: Cons and Pros

by | Jan 21, 2023 | Automotive

You’re ready to explore a new country finally, but you’ve got a little dilemma. Should you rent a car or be content with moving around in public transport? Well, renting a car in a foreign country has pros and cons. Let’s check out a few to help you make a good decision.

Pros of renting a car in a foreign country

  • Move around conveniently: It’s not always fun to land in a foreign country and have to go through a rigorous process to get around. Today, rental companies have made it so much easier. With so many available and many more still springing up, renting a car in a foreign country is as easy as going online to make a reservation. This will give you access to several cars to choose from and should take you only a few minutes. If you prefer to rent a car on arrival in a foreign country, this is still a great choice. With competitive rates, you can quickly check out the one that suits your style as you have one less thing to worry about in a foreign country. With a rental car, you don’t have to rely on anyone to go anywhere in the region.
  • Competitive prices: Since there are tons of available rental companies in most foreign countries, that means the competition drives down the prices effectively. So, you don’t have to worry about spending quite a lot just to find the car that meets your needs. With a few detailed checks, you’ll find a price that works best for your budget and gain access to special deals that save you more money. Most importantly, you know you’re getting value for your money.
  • Access to upgraded services: Although this doesn’t apply to all rental companies, there’s still a high chance that you’ll find one that offers upgraded services. That means that you can tap into deals like better storage, a new car, or improved gas mileage when you choose them. There’s little to no chance that your rental vehicle will develop engine problems, especially if it’s a new one.

Cons of renting a car in a foreign country

  • Navigating a new country on your own: Yes, there’s GPS and good old-fashioned “ask a passerby,” but navigating a new area on your own could be challenging. If you find yourself looking at your phone continuously as you try to find your way around, this could dampen the experience. Not to mention increasing the chances of getting into an accident as you won’t focus entirely on the road.
  • High chances of breaking the rules of the road: Every country has different rules that apply to drivers on the road. What is typical for your country could be breaking the law in another. So, you would have to learn international road signs and other laws that apply to the foreign country. For anyone who’s not so fascinated about spending time learning new regulations, this could be a hassle. However, not knowing the law doesn’t count in your favor if you get into any trouble.
  • Pay parking fees: Now that you have rented a car in a foreign country, it’s almost impossible to escape parking fees as you move around. This means that you would have to factor this into your expenses, driving your budget for the trip through the roof.

So, what do you think? Renting a car in a foreign country could be for you if you don’t mind the cons and want a unique experience.