16 Electronic Gadgets & Accessories to Improve Your Work From Home Experience

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Electronics & Gadgets

Back in 2020, working from home suddenly became the norm rather than the exception. And it’s safe to say that this abrupt change found most of us unprepared.

Without warning, we had to troubleshoot work meetings that were frequently disrupted by children and pets. Sitting at a computer screen all day without damaging our eyesight and our posture. And managing multiple tasks from our old outdated laptop.

Today, it doesn’t look as if WFH life is going away any time soon. But fortunately, we now know that all we need are a few gadgets and accessories to make this new normal tolerable, and even pleasant.

Here they are.

An Ultrawide monitor

This is the only solution for those times when you need to see a number of different windows on your computer screen at the same time.

A standing desk

Having the freedom to sit or stand throughout your workday can make a huge difference to your comfort and productivity.

A good office chair

A couch or a recliner might feel comfy for work, but it won’t give you the same support as a good-quality, ergonomic chair.

Noise-cancelling headphones

A good pair of these allow you to tune out distractions in your home office so you can focus better.

The right water bottle

An attractively designed water bottle serves as an important reminder to hydrate throughout the workday.

A conference speaker phone

A speaker phone designed especially for group calls gives you the sound quality you need.

A good computer

For WFH life, you will need a laptop with a good-quality webcam, a comfortable keyboard, and a good trackpad.

A desk pad

This is a simple way to protect the surface of your desk or dining room table from scratches and other wear and tear.

A laptop stand

A mount stand allows you to keep your laptop at eye level without placing it on a stack of books.

A webcam

With just a few simple steps, you can turn your phone into a good-quality webcam. Then you can even mount it in your car to have meetings and conferences on the go.

High-quality computer speakers

Sometimes we all just need a break when we turn the music up as loud as we can for an impromptu dance party. A good set of speakers make it easy to do so.

The right desk lamp

This makes life easier when you have to stay up at night to get work done. The best ones allow you to adjust the brightness level for your workspace. You can even find some that provide a built-in charger for your phone.

An external hard drive

Working from home makes it challenging to keep personal and professional files separate. An external hard drive gives you a safe place to keep your personal downloads so they don’t interfere with what’s happening on your work computer.

A good printer

A multifunction printer that can scan, copy, print or fax is an excellent investment in your home office productivity. The best multifunction printers are affordable and won’t take up too much space.

A smart speaker

By speaking commands to your smart speaker while engaged in other activities, you can multitask much more efficiently. For example, you can do research for a work project while putting the groceries away.

Wireless earphones

The best wireless earphones allow you to catch email and phone calls while listening to music. They can also help you focus by cancelling out distracting noise.

With these handy gadgets and accessories, you can quickly transform your home office into a hub of productivity.